Foundation Stage - Ms Hill (FS1) and Miss Naylor (FS2)

Welcome to the Foundation Stage.  We are a large, thriving unit, with 3 year groups: FS2 (the reception year working towards their Early Learning Goals); FS1 (the Nursery year, mostly working within 30-50months development); and pre-FS1 who join us in January and access 2 extra terms of learning.

We divide into Family groups, each with a group leader- an amazing lady who will look after your children like she looks after her own.  Our family groups are designed to give all our children that extra level of nurture and support, when they are met by someone who chats with their Mummies and Daddies, knows about Granny and Grandad, big brother and little sister, and understands that not everyone likes milk, or wants to eat carrots at snack time.  This time in the day is called Meet and Greet, but is also a time where we do a set activity in our writing workbook, based on our learning from the week- maybe start, handwriting or something else.  Everyone is expected to come to school calmly and start work that is safe and predictable so that they are comfortable right from the beginning of the day.

Next on the agenda is a quick burst of phonics- one of the most popular activities of the day- then Continuous Provision where children can take charge of their own learning in a well- resourced stimulating environment with experienced, well qualified staff who are there to help develop and support that learning and promote critical thinking.

Bluebell is our class rabbit! Pupils help care for our rabbit, and we discuss the importance of caring for our pets and our environment. Bluebell enjoys exploring our outdoor play area with the children too! 

We love exploring our outdoor area! Pupils enjoy our forest area, mud kitchen, school allotments and large outdoor play area. We often go for treasure hunts, make mud pies, collect vegetables for soup and climb trees! 

We had a fabulous school trip at Cock fields farm! We all went to the North Pole! We met Santa's reindeer's Prancer and Dancer, and made gingerbread men in Mrs Clause's kitchen, we also visited the Elf Workshop and learnt all about the role of an elf. Then we met Santa and received a gift! It was a truly magical experience! 


Homework is a very important part of the school week, for all learners, and in Foundation stage, we try to lay the foundations of homework alongside all the other learning strategies that we teach in order to set our children up well for their future learning Journeys.   Both year groups have a special home school book- a journal that we collect every Monday and share with the class.  The teachers then keep them throughout the week and add photos and comments and notes home to parents about things that have been important.  On Fridays the books are sent home and parents are encouraged to work with their children, discussing what they have done in the pictures, then adding more things from the weekend- achievements, days out, days in and other news so that we can share this with the class on Monday mornings.  The whole cycle is developed in order to celebrate individuals achievements, interests and individuality, and the books are very, very special.

FS2 need to bring their book bag with their reading work in every day, while FS1 bring it on Mondays and take it home on Fridays unless Ms Hill tells them something different.


Important dates this half term

FS2 have PE every Thursday afternoon and need their PE kit in school

We welly walk every Wednesday and everyone needs a pair of Wellies


Our Foundation Stage Team: