Learning Mentors

Hello! Our names are Mrs Thompson and Mrs Spregg and we work across school in the shared role of Learning Mentor. Our work is really quite varied and I guess I'm biased when I say we have one of the best jobs at Wild Bank, however, I honestly believe we do!

We work across school with children and families on a 1:1 basis, in small groups and within the class room. Our role is to help support children and families in overcoming their challenges and barriers to effective learning enabling children to engage and be ready to learn. The majority of our work falls within the area of social, behavioural and emotional aspects of learning and we actively promote, model and support all things in relation to emotional well being. 

What is a learning mentor?

Our job is to work with children, parents, carers, teachers and other agencies on issues that may be affecting your child's learning. We work alongside school staff to support the children, parents and carers.

How can we help?

We may be part of your child's support network at school, helping with:

  • punctuality & attendance.
  • changes in behaviour.
  • difficulties with developing and maintaining friendships.
  • low self esteem and confidence.
  • settling in new children.
  • supporting children on transition to their next class, key stage or secondary school.
  • supporting parents/carers with routines and managing behaviour at home.
  • point of contact for parents.

Walking Bus

We also operate a walking bus in the mornings from Demense Drive. If you would like your child to join us please contact us. Children can use the bus on a daily basis and enjoy the opportunity to engage in conversation with their friends on the way to school. Children arrive at school safely, on time and feeling positive!

Play Leaders

A number of our KS2 children have taken on the role of play leader. They give their valuable time to the younger children at lunchtime sharing games, supporting play and leading activities on the KS1 playground. 




Flowchart of Referral Process