Working together we can achieve our best

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Callaghan - Head Teacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Mr T Bolan-Ashworth - Deputy Head Teacher & Key Stage Two Leader.

Ms E Hill - Foundation Stage Leader & Inclusion Lead

Mrs S Steele - Key Stage One Leader

Mrs N Bardsley- School Business Manager

Foundation Stage Teaching Staff

Ms E Hill - Foundation Stage Leader,  Inclusion Lead, 

Mrs S. Hailwood- Speech and Language Teacher

Foundation Stage Support Worker

Miss A May          Mr J Fletcher 

Key Stage One Teaching Staff

Ms S Steele - Key Stage One Leader, Year 2 Teacher ,  Phonics and Reading Lead

Mrs C. Holstein- Year 1 Teacher- Maths Lead. 

Key Stage One Support Workers

Miss J McCarron - Year 1

Miss R. Urga- Year 2 

Key Stage Two Teaching Staff

Mrs E. Ihebuzor- Year 3 Teacher.

Mr T Bolan-Ashworth- Year 4 Teacher- English and Computing  Lead

Miss A. Corcoran- Year 5 Teacher- Science Lead

Miss K Graham- Year 6 Teacher, Geography & MFL Lead

Key Stage Two Support Workers

Mrs Pollard- Year 3

Miss Summerhill and Mr Keeble- Year 4

Mrs Crookes- Year 5

Mrs Regan- Year 6

Learning Mentors

                                    Mrs S. Dodson 

Office Staff

Mrs N Bardsley - School Business Manager

Mrs V Wilde - Administrator

Midday Assistants

Mrs H. Griffiths

Ms K. Clayton

Mrs M. Sutton 

Mrs S. Hayden

Mrs D. Potter

Ms M. Audin

Mrs G. Hewitt

Kitchen Staff

Mrs B McDermott - Cook

Mrs S Pomfret

Mrs N Brammer

Caretaker and Cleaning Staff

Mrs S Pattison - Caretaker

Ms M Audin - Cleaner        Ms K Clayton - Cleaner



PE Coaches

Luke - Peak Active (Monday & Wednesday)

           - Tameside Active (Thursday)

Terri- Tameside Active (Friday)