Last update: 2020-05-22
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Friday 22nd May 2020.  Today I have included the instructions for making a paper plate fireman's hat.  If you don't have a paper plate, you could always cut out a large circle of cardboard box and use that instead.

There are also the phonics pages listed below and the other sheets and ideas above, and if you follow this link, you can download an ebook about Charlie the firefighter to have a go at- I wonder how many of the letters and tricky words you recognise?  And how many of you can use the pictures to help you tell the story? Charlie the firefighter

As it is Forest Friday, I have also been looking for some fun outdoor things to inspire you with, and have uploaded some outdoor forest challenge cards, from phase 1 to phase 4 in the documents above. 

Talking of tricky words, it is always important to practice our sight recognition of them, so I have added a link to the phase 3 tricky words game, but if you know your child was working at 2 or 4 before we parted, feel free to use the others as well.

Have fun playing today and let me know what you were up to in the usual ways xxx       or email  and there are new books set in

Thursday 21st May 2020.  I had some lovely pictures yesterday of people having fun in the sun!  Phoebe had a sprayer and was firefighting chalk flames, Alice made an amazing firetruck and Lola and James made firemen on Purple Mash.  Harry went exploring in Broadbottom too.  What did you get up to?      or email  and there are new books set in

 Today's challenge is to build a fire truck.  You could make one from lego, or like Alice with a big box, or Lola with a small box, or design one on purple mash, then print it, cut it out and stick it together.

Wednesday 20th May 2020.  What a beautiful sunny day it is today!  Don't forget to put on your suncream and wear a hat when you are outside.  I am planning a foraging walk and some gardening today as it is Welly Walk Wednesday.  I'm hoping to find some early Elder flowers as I'm looking forward to making some cordial, although I think they may still be a little bit green yet.  When I do, I'll share the recipe and photos so you can have a go too if you want too.  It's easy to make, although you will need some lemons and sugar as well.  Itm also going to plant out some of my baby plants that I've been growing in pots inside.  Have you planted anything?  I planted seeds from a pepper, seeds from a tomato and seeds from a melon and they have all grown well.  It's easy to do, you just have to remember to water them.  Yesterday I was very busy at school, so my ideas for today are still to do some of the firefighter ideas above, have a look at the Purple Mash suggestions, and spend lots of time outside if you can.  How many of you can find something to squirt water from so that you can put out number fires like Alice did yesterday?  I know that Jess is getting out her paddling pool and having a beach day.  What a brilliant idea for such a sunny day!    or email  and there are new books set in

Today I’m in our classroom.  It’s a very odd experience without you all but I’m getting it ready for reopening.  We’ve looked carefully at the government guidelines for keeping our children safe and I wanted to show you what the classroom looks like half way through the restructure.  We have to keep materials limited to facilitate regular deep cleaning, and of course social distancing.  I’ll post pictures as I go along.  It’s a sad day x

Tuesday 19th May 2020  Have a look at the amazing fire hydrant that Alice made yesterday- they used masking tape and an old squirty bottle.  Her mum tells me that today they are going squirt out numbers which sounds like loads of fun.  What are you going to get up to?  Will you make a hat or a fire engine?  Will you play in the water and use pipes and spray bottles and hoses?  Will you use Purple Mash to make a siren noise, paint a firefighter or create a 3d model of a fire engine like Archie did yesterday?  There are lots of ideas in the downloads section above, or you could even get super fit with the firefighter team workout below.  Let me know what you choose to do in the usual way and enjoy your day x     or email  and there are new books set in

Monday 18th May 2020.  Good Morning everyone.  This week's Key workers are the Fire services.  Follow the link for a fireman themed story all about Fireman Small and what he gets up to, and download the morning workbook here.  Click on the documents above to download some ideas.  There is a poem called 5 little Firefighters- I'd love to see videos of you learning this poem.  I have added pencil control patterns, cut and stick fire hydrants and a fire engine number ordering activity.  Alternatively you could get the paints out and have a go at making a fire team handprint, or build a fire services training tower from lego.  A lovely phonics or number game could be to draw some chalk letters or numbers on the wall outside, or the fence, then use a water pistol or clean spray bottle with water in it to wash away the sounds (or numbers) you are asked to wash- see the pictures below for ideas.  How about painting a fiery picture or making linked firemen the same way we did the nurses a few weeks ago?  Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourselves and have a fun day

  Let me know in the usual ways what you decide to get up to.   or email  and there are new books set in too, and I have added some phoneme colouring sheets below.

Lovely dancing firemen xxx

The youtube below is a fire safety themed work out- how fit are you?

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Bluebell is our class rabbit. Pupils help care for our rabbit, and we discuss the importance of caring for our pets and our environment. Bluebell enjoys exploring our outdoor play area with the children too. At the moment she is playing out in Ms Hill's garden with Daffodil and Nutmeg 

We have Forest School Friday every week.  Maybe you can do garden forest school on a Friday where you play outside for the whole morning or the whole afternoon, enjoying nature, listening to the world and being mindful.