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Home learning support links and ideas for the week 23rd to 28th March 2020

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FS Working Together


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We’ve added a blog so that we can communicate with each other if you need us to. Please comment on the activities, ideas you think we could all do, and check in so we know we’re all ok x

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28/03/2020 Good morning lovelies.  Happy Saturday to you all.  As its the weekend, there won't be loads of work going up today.  I have added a couple of shape worksheets to go with Miss Daniels' Shape Hunt video.  You can follow all these ideas by drawing them in your purple book if you don't have a printer, so don't worry.  Just click on the links to look at the ideas.  It's up to you- you can have a go over the weekend, or save them for Monday.  It would be nice to use your home school books instead this weekend to update your diary.  Don't forget that we are living in modern history right now, and children will be reading about us in their history books at school in the future.  You could contribute to that. I'll be back later with your bed time story.  Have a lovely day everyone. xxx

27/03/20 Good Evening everyone! Sorry for not being active today, I hope you are all doing well. Here is a little video my mum and I filmed for you yesterday, I hope you enjoy it! x

27/03/2020  Well, its the end of a very unusual school week.  I have found it very strange not seeing you all every day.  Please make sure that you log on to Tapestry regularly so that I can see you and can follow your lovely antics.  How many of us went to Chester Zoo today on a virtual tour?  I loved the giraffes, and have uploaded a brilliant giraffe portrait done by Ella to the gallery.  Tonight's bedtime story is 'We Love Bunk Beds' by Paula Metcalf.  Can you remember the signs for elephant and bunk beds?.  Sleep well my little lovelies and take care of yourselves and your families. x

27/03/2020 Click on the link to visit Chester Zoo Live.  To stay in keeping with the theme of the week, can you look out for signs of spring while we admire the animals?  They're going to the Rothschild's Giraffes at 11:00.  Can you draw me a giraffe in your purple book, or maybe on Purple Mash?

26/03/2020 Here’s tonight’s bedtime story. Ellen’s choice.  Can you work out the sign for scarecrow and remember the sign for snail? X

26/03/2020.  Here's a Daffodil song for you to learn and there are some daffodil craft activities for you to try too.  Don't forget to look at the gallery to see some lovely examples of the hard work you have all been doing x

A silly story to brighten up your day....

26/03/20 Good Morning everyone. We hope that you are all safe, happy, and healthy. Just a quick message to say how proud we all are of the work being produced by you all. Your dedication and attitude towards your education is inspiring! Keep up the hard work, but remember to give those brains a break over the weekend! x

25/03/2020 Good Afternoon everybody! I hope that you are all enjoying this lovely sunny weather. It is hard not waking up and heading to school to see all your wonderful faces. I have made a music lesson video for you to join in with, which is just uploading at the minute. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it. My mum was horrified at the state of the pans and has gone on a mad clean up! I have been taking this time to work on my fitness levels and to read more, please send a video on tapestry to tell me what you have been up to (apart from all of the fantastic work). I hope you have all enjoyed watching Ms Hill's welly walk video, it brought a smile to my face. - Lots of love, Miss Daniels x

25/03/2020  Good morning everyone!  Wednesday Welly walk is all complete and uploading.  We saw some lovely spring time treats.  It would be lovely to see pictures of signs of spring that you have seen this morning.  You could go on 2paint on Purple Mash and upload one there that you have made yourself, or you could draw some in you purple books and write about what you saw, then upload a photo on Tapestry, or you could take photos of you having a socially distant walk.

Okay, so I know that now I should be relaxing and enjoying my family time, but I had a brainwave.  We normally have a school Easter Bonnet parade.  Wouldn't it be lovely if we had a virtual one?  Make your bonnet and wear it, then parade around your garden/ bedroom/ bathroom/ wherever you choose while mum videos it, then upload to tapestry.  I'll collate them all and make an Easter Bonnet parade gallery on this page and we can all celebrate each other while thinking about the rebirth and new life... something so important in this worrying time. We can even have a prize for the winner that I will personally make sure gets to your house!  Closing date for entries 8th April x

24/03/2020 Good evening little Wild Bankers.  We hope you've had a lovely day and enjoyed the sunshine.  Tonight's bedtime story is read by the lovely Miss Daniels and is a firm favourite: Rumble in the Jungle.  Tomorrow is Wednesday and I will be going on a Wednesday Welly Walk around my local area looking for lots of signs of spring.  It would be nice if you could send us pictures of any signs of spring that have spotted.  You could upload them to tapestry and I will create a virtual welly walk gallery tomorrow.  Did anyone do any froggy craft today that we could see?  I'm feeling a little bit wobbly today because I'm missing all my lovely foundation stage friends, so I did a little bit of yoga, and then some mindfulness.  I've added some for you here.  Sleep well everyone, lots of love, Ms Hill x

24/04/2020  Good morning everyone.  Its a weird feeling not being with you and talking to you all face to face.  We are trying to respond to all the work children are doing on purple mash and adding voice comments so that we are keeping in touch.  This week's book is the Big Wide Mouthed Frog, and if you go to the link above, you can download the meet and greet book that you can either print and complete or follow the questions and draw and write your responses in your purple books.  We'd love to see some photos of your work on tapestry.  There are also a couple of craft ideas today or you could invent your own froggy craft and upload it onto tapestry.  We can make a gallery of good work on this website too!  I've fished out some of the frog spawn so we can see it more clearly.  The frogs were back today and have laid more!  I'm going to be overrun with frogs.

23/03/2020  I hope you enjoyed Miss Daniels' dough disco this morning and it really got you moving and your fingers ready for working.  I know we all loved it here.  Tonight's bedtime story is the Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen.  The voices had to be done like this because that is the way I have always read this story and my girls insisted!  Sleep well my little lovelies. There will be more updates in the morning.

23/03/2020 Good morning little Wild Bankers.  The story of the week is the Big Wide Mouthed Frog (see below).  You can download the meet and greet book from above and either print it out to complete or write and draw your answers in your purple books.  There are lots of other activities available for you today too, and the wonderful dough disco by Miss Daniels.  Don't forget to log in to Oxford Owls to get your reading books, and also to post on Tapestry so that we can all keep in touch

23/03/2020. Dough Disco Fun!

FS Working Together


admin on: FS Working Together

We’ve added a blog so that we can communicate with each other if you need us to. Please comment on the activities, ideas you think we could all do, and check in so we know we’re all ok x

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Bedtime story.  Flora’s Flowers.  And a very funny face from Ms Hill

22/03/2020 Lots and lots of frogspawn and three happy bunnies.  As you can see the frog spawn is still lots and lots of tiny spheres inside the jelly.

21/03/2020  Tonight's bedtime story.  The very noisy night x

21/03/2020 The pond is so full of frogspawn now that it is above the surface.  When I went to check today there was not a frog in sight!  Bluebell, Daffodil and Nutmeg are also enjoying the warmer spring days and are playing in the garden.

21/03/2020   Tomorrow is Mothers day and normally we would have made something lovely in school to share with you how marvellous we think our mummies are!  This hasn't been possible this year, but there is a link in the downloadable documents above to Make Sugar Cookies for Mum.  Maybe dads or grandads or uncles could help out with this one please.  As usual, we ask that you share any lovely photos on Tapestry so that we can celebrate your learning together.


Have a look at the website Oxford Owl at home with your child. If you sign up for free, there are hundreds of free ebooks for your child to read which are directly from our school reading scheme. 

Image result for oxford owl

Children who have been working at phase 2 with Ms Hill have been using the phonics songbirds and project x as guided reading texts.  Children working with Miss Daniels and Miss May (all of FS2) have been bringing home reading scheme books regularly so they should be familiar with them.  If you do use them (and we encourage daily reading) please write which books you have used and comment in your reading record as you normally would.  

Here's some fabulous cosmic kids yoga.  You can pretend to visit Frank the Frog in the rainforest, be a strong tree, practice your monkey jumps and work on keeping your bodies healthy.  

Friday Night Bedtime Story

20/03/2020  Next Week's Story will be The Big, Wide-Mouthed Frog.  This is my first ever attempt at recording a story, so please be kind x

20/03/2020  Here is an interactive counting game that links to the gingerbread recipe

20/03/2020.  Good morning everyone!  Our Topic this term has been Spring and New Beginnings.  This morning, a very exciting event has happened at my house!  The frogs have spawned.  We were going to have some of the spawn at school to watch it develop, but I will try to add a daily picture instead so that we can still see the frogs grow.  I have added a worksheet above so that you can complete the lifecycle of the frog.  I'm afraid its a download and print, but you could always draw the different stages in your purple book if you don't have a printer.  You can also try this quick game,

This is a link to numberblocks singing five little speckled frogs. Have fun singing and dancing along.  love Ms Hill x

Here is my lovely friend Olwyn who runs Music Stop in Hadfield.  She is an inspiration to many and also sings jolly songs for children  I'm hoping she posts more as they are excellent and easy to join in with x

Quick of the mark with some excellent homework!
Quick of the mark with some excellent homework!

19/03/2020.  I have set up accounts for all children in FS2 to access some online stories.  You can read them yourself or get them to read aloud to you.  You should have an invitation email from Epic! telling you what to do.  FS1 to follow shortly so check your inboxes and watch out in your spam x  Ms Hill x

In the event of a school closure, we will endeavour to update this page regularly with tasks and ideas intended to support you in your home- schooling.  We have sent home a new purple book with your child's name on and a pencil.  This book will be for you to complete tasks in based on writing and mark making.  There will also be regular updates on Purple Mash of tasks that we have selected to support your child's learning.  If you have a printer you can print out some of the extra materials to make games and activities from too.  The mini mash facility is excellent for independent learning too.  

At wild Bank we are committed to providing a regular systematic synthetic phonics lesson every day.  This will not be as easy to do if we are not in school, but this is a very important part of our early reading and writing development.  With this in mind we have set sessions for phonics games and activities differentiated according to your child's ability group so please try to log in to that and support your child with that learning.  

There are also a couple of library books that have been sent home and some book review sheets to stick into your homework book and review the stories you have read.  Please encourage your child to think about the story, the structure, the pictures and what might happen next, then to create a little review.  

Please keep logging on to this page to collect more ideas and activities, and don't forget to use your tapestry app too to share photos of what you have been up to while we are not together.

Stay safe and well everyone and we will see you soon, love Ms Hill, Miss Daniels, Miss May and Mr Fletcher.


Welcome to the Foundation Stage.  We are a large, thriving unit, with 3 year groups: FS2 (the reception year working towards their Early Learning Goals); FS1 (the Nursery year, mostly working within 30-50months development); and pre-FS1 who join us in January and access 2 extra terms of learning.

We divide into Family groups, We have Moon group, Star group and Sunshine group. Each group has  a group leader- an amazing lady who will look after your children like she looks after her own.  Our family groups are designed to give all our children that extra level of nurture and support, when they are met by someone who chats with their Mummies and Daddies, knows about Granny and Grandad, big brother and little sister, and understands that not everyone likes milk, or wants to eat carrots at snack time.  

This time in the day is called Meet and Greet, but is also a time where we do a set writing activity based on the story of the week.  Everyone is expected to come to school calmly and start work that is safe and predictable so that they are comfortable right from the beginning of the day.

Next on the agenda is a quick burst of phonics- one of the most popular activities of the day- then Continuous Provision where children can take charge of their own learning in a well- resourced stimulating environment with experienced, well qualified staff who are there to help develop and support that learning and promote critical thinking.

Bluebell is our class rabbit! Pupils help care for our rabbit, and we discuss the importance of caring for our pets and our environment. Bluebell enjoys exploring our outdoor play area with the children too! 

We have Forest School Friday every week! Pupils enjoy making nature pictures, playing games, listening to stories, and taking managed risks in a wilder environment.

We love exploring our outdoor area. Pupils enjoy our forest area, mud kitchen, school allotments and large outdoor play area. We often go for treasure hunts, make mud pies, collect vegetables for soup and climb trees.


Homework is a very important part of the school week, for all learners, and in Foundation stage, we try to lay the foundations of homework alongside all the other learning strategies that we teach in order to set our children up well for their future learning Journeys.   

Both year groups have a special home school book- a journal that we collect every Monday and share with the class.  The teachers then keep them throughout the week and add photos and comments and notes home to parents about things that have been important.  

On Fridays the books are sent home and parents are encouraged to work with their children, discussing what they have done in the pictures, then adding more things from the weekend- achievements, days out, days in and other news so that we can share this with the class on Monday mornings.

 The whole cycle is developed in order to celebrate individuals achievements, interests and individuality, and the books are very, very special.

FS2 need to bring their book bag with their reading work in every day. Please can parents sign their child's reading record every time they read at home. Every time you sign the reading record your child will receive a raffle ticket. The raffle tickets are drawn every Friday and the child whose ticket is pulled out, wins a prize! 

 FS1 bring it on Mondays and take it home on Fridays.


Important dates this half term

FS2 have PE every Thursday afternoon and need their PE kit in school with their names included on labels. 

We welly walk every Wednesday and everyone needs a pair of Wellies


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