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Spring and New Beginnings

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We’ve added a blog so that we can communicate with each other if you need us to. Please comment on the activities, ideas you think we could all do, and check in so we know we’re all ok x

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03/04/20 Good Morning friends! We have been so impressed by all of your hard work over the past couple of weeks. You have all got an incredible attitude to learning and we are so proud of each and every one of you. Today is the last day before the Easter Holidays, so it means you get 2 weeks of doing no work! We hope that Easter Bunny brings you a yummy Easter Egg...make sure that your grown ups don't steal your chocolate egg! We hope that you stay safe and have a happy Easter period. 

02/04/20 Good Afternoon all! Today I thought I would share 'Room on the Broom' with you. I hope that you enjoyed the story, which part of it was your favourite? Here is a little challenge.... can you to make/draw/paint your own broomstick? Think about who might be on your broom with you and make sure there is enough space x

02/04/2020  Good morning everybody.  As part of the new way that things are, we have taken up yoga at our house.  Every day, we watch a yoga class and join in for 20 minutes, learning lots of new poses and ways of stretching our bodies.  At the end of it we feel very relaxed, so I wondered if you would like to have a go too- I miss our yoga sessions at school, do you?  Here is a farm themed yoga video for you to have a go at.  Mrs Spregg has also posted some videos of peer massage on her page.  You could get the whole family involved in that one and you'd be the experts!

01/04/2020  Another busy day at my house- lots of tapestry posts to see and enjoy, more work and activities to find, welly walks to be had and videos to be recorded and uploaded.  Did you have a busy day today?  Please share with us what you have been up to, and also go to the Easter Bonnet parade page for inspiration of what you could make.  Tonight's bed time story is Shepherd boy by Kim Lewis.  Good night little Wild Bankers and sleep well x

01/04/2020  Good morning everybody.  It's Wednesday so we would be normally doing a welly walk today.  Shortly I am going to go for a welly walk around my garden, looking for the signs of spring I have there.  I know there will be developments on the frogspawn and I have seen even more frogs.  We have also been busy getting beds ready for planting and sorting our seeds into trays so I'm going to have a look at what is coming up.  Keep checking on Purple Mash and uploading work to Tapestry as things are changing there all the time.have a look for your work in the gallery... It may even be used to make a jigsaw or game for you to play! Don't forget the story of the week is Emma's Lamb.  You can watch it then complete day three of your meet and greet book, or write and draw the answers in your purple book.  Cannon Hall farm are going live on Facebook today, so maybe instead of our farm trip you could go along there and see what they are up to with the help of your grown up.  Perhaps you could make a cotton wool sheep too or a Shaun the Sheep sandwich for lunch?  Mr Fletcher has found us an indoor scavenger hunt to do too.  Please upload photos or videos of you doing this to tapestry

31/03/2020  Hello little lovelies.  I hope you've all had a lovely day, and filled your time with working harder and playing harder.  Thank you for so many pictures, videos and pieces of handed in work.  You are all making us so very proud.  Tonight's bed time story is another one by Kim Lewis who wrote a series of lovely, beautifully illustrated books about sheep farms.  In this one, Floss is a young border collie who travels from town to countryside to learn how to be a sheepdog and look after the sheep on the hills.

31/03/2020 When at home it is very easy to eat lots of chocolate and crisps, but it's very important that you keep eating your fruit and veggies! Here is a little song and dance to get you in the mood for a carrot or two.

31/03/2020.  Good morning lovely Wild Bankers.  There has been loads of good stuff happening on Purple Mash and Tapestry for the last few days, and you are all making us teachers very proud.  I have particularly enjoyed dancing along to the music you have been making and there were some brilliant giraffes created from our virtual trip to the zoo.  I have been adding copies of some of the lovely work to the gallery so that we can all enjoy it.  Don't forget the story of the week is Emma's Lamb.  You can watch it then complete day two of your meet and greet book, or write and draw the answers in your purple book.

30/03/2020. Tonight’s bedtime story is ‘We Are Wearing Out the Naughty Step’ by Mick Inkpen, because it makes me laugh and I would think there are a fair few Wild Bank Mummies feeling like this by now.  Good night everyone and sleep well x

30/03/2020 Good morning everyone!  This week's story of the week is Emma's Lamb by Kim Lewis.  It's a story all about a little girl who is growing up on a farm.  It is spring and the new lambs are being born (exactly like around here).  Sometimes the lambs get separated from their mums (the ewes), and this story is what happens when Emma tries to help.  Watch the story then download the meet and greet book for the week.  You can either print it off to complete, or you can draw the pictures and answer the questions in your purple books.

As we had planned to go to the farm on Wednesday, we are having a farm themed week.  Here is a game to play identifying the different farm animals by the noise they make.  Farm  game

Justin went to the Farm on Something Special so we can all have a virtual trip to the farm together.

A PE activity for you... Work out with Shaun the sheep!

Baa baa black sheep karaoke.  I'd love to see videos of you joining in uploaded to tapestry x

29/03/2020.  Here's tonight's story.  It's one that should be familiar to you all as it's one that we had in the Autumn term as the book of the week.  Enjoy your story my lovelies.  I'll be back tomorrow with lots more activities, the story of the week and next week's meet and greet book.  Sleep well everyone xxx

28/03/2020 I hope you've all had a nice relaxing day today.  Tonight's bedtime story is Winnie at the seaside.  I wish I had a magic wand like Winnie, don't you? x

An easy recipe for cake for you to make with your grownup.  Please post photos on Tapestry if you follow this recipe, so I can have some virtual cake!  My favourite x

An energy boosting exercise video from Joe Wicks

We use these mindful yoga recordings in class.  It can take us a while to settle, but these lovely visualisations are calming and settling and often end up with several children falling asleep.  Find a quiet place, close the curtains, remove distractions and get comfy for a quarter of an hour's peace.  I love these sessions with the children, as I take time to join in and relax too x

Some happy yoga for you to try

28/03/2020 Good morning lovelies.  Happy Saturday to you all.  As its the weekend, there won't be loads of work going up today.  I have added a couple of shape worksheets to go with Miss Daniels' Shape Hunt video.  You can follow all these ideas by drawing them in your purple book if you don't have a printer, so don't worry.  Just click on the links to look at the ideas.  It's up to you- you can have a go over the weekend, or save them for Monday.  It would be nice to use your home school books instead this weekend to update your diary.  Don't forget that we are living in modern history right now, and children will be reading about us in their history books at school in the future.  You could contribute to that. I'll be back later with your bed time story.  Have a lovely day everyone. xxx

27/03/20 Good Evening everyone! Sorry for not being active today, I hope you are all doing well. Here is a little video my mum and I filmed for you yesterday, I hope you enjoy it! x

27/03/2020  Well, its the end of a very unusual school week.  I have found it very strange not seeing you all every day.  Please make sure that you log on to Tapestry regularly so that I can see you and can follow your lovely antics.  How many of us went to Chester Zoo today on a virtual tour?  I loved the giraffes, and have uploaded a brilliant giraffe portrait done by Ella to the gallery.  Tonight's bedtime story is 'We Love Bunk Beds' by Paula Metcalf.  Can you remember the signs for elephant and bunk beds?.  Sleep well my little lovelies and take care of yourselves and your families. x

27/03/2020 Click on the link to visit Chester Zoo Live.  To stay in keeping with the theme of the week, can you look out for signs of spring while we admire the animals?  They're going to the Rothschild's Giraffes at 11:00.  Can you draw me a giraffe in your purple book, or maybe on Purple Mash?

21/03/2020 Have a look at the website Oxford Owl at home with your child. If you sign up for free, there are hundreds of free ebooks for your child to read which are directly from our school reading scheme. 

Image result for oxford owl

Children who have been working at phase 2 with Ms Hill have been using the phonics songbirds and project x as guided reading texts.  Children working with Miss Daniels and Miss May (all of FS2) have been bringing home reading scheme books regularly so they should be familiar with them.  If you do use them (and we encourage daily reading) please write which books you have used and comment in your reading record as you normally would.  

19/03/2020.  I have set up accounts for all children in FS2 to access some online stories.  You can read them yourself or get them to read aloud to you.  You should have an invitation email from Epic! telling you what to do.  FS1 to follow shortly so check your inboxes and watch out in your spam x  Ms Hill x

Well, school closure did happen, but Wild Bank continues to fill me with Joy.  It is a delight to get so much feedback from you all.  We are working hard to provide you with activities, stories, videos and support at our end and are being hugely rewarded by the feedback you are leaving on Purple Mash, Tapestry and via email.  Where it is suitable, we are collecting pieces of your work and photographs and adding them to our gallery page.  Each weekend, the main Foundation Stage page will be remade, and the week's work moved to another page headed with the date of the week.  This is because we know that in Foundation stage we like to go back and repeat activities, reread stories and try things again, so your work suggestions will all still be there, but this page will start fresh and new each week.

Please keep logging on to this page to collect more ideas and activities, and don't forget to use your tapestry app too to share photos of what you have been up to while we are not together.

Stay safe and well everyone and we will see you soon, love Ms Hill, Miss Daniels, Miss May and Mr Fletcher.


Bluebell is our class rabbit. Pupils help care for our rabbit, and we discuss the importance of caring for our pets and our environment. Bluebell enjoys exploring our outdoor play area with the children too. At the moment she is playing out in Ms Hill's garden with Daffodil and Nutmeg 

We have Forest School Friday every week.  Maybe you can do garden forest school on a Friday where you play outside for the whole morning or the whole afternoon, enjoying nature, listening to the world and being mindful.