Last update: 2020-06-19
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Friday 19th June 2020.  We're back round to Forest Friday!  Where did this week go to?  Have you had fun with your rain cloud maths and your water investigations?  Did you compare containers for capacity or make your own rain gauge or water cycle in a bag?  Today, the weather is a little bit brighter this morning, so if you are venturing out I thought we could join Jessica who is going to be making fairy houses.  We could make elf teepees, fairy gardens, clothes peg fairies, pictures, wands and much more, or even make a fairy potion from fallen petals or crush herbs and leaves in a pestle and mortar if you are feeling more science inspired today.  Have a look at the gallery for more ideas.   Share your day using  or  

We have had lots of thunder and lightening in the last few days and I know that some of us have found that really interesting while others have found it quite frightening.  I have included a video to tell you what causes the thunder and lightening to see if it helps you to understand a bit more.  You could then go on  to have a go at drawing a thunder cloud and some lightening, or make music that has lots of rumbles and crashes in it a bit like a raging storm.

Some of us will have found the thunder of the last few days quite scary, so I have included some lovely guided meditation below for you to follow, like we would often do on a Friday after Forest Schools.  Find somewhere comfortable to lie down and relax, and listen to the lovely imaginative guidance.

I have also uploaded more books to Epic! - Books for Kids, and particularly liked this one on the water cycle   There are lots of age appropriate books on here and we can access them for free.  We have set up accounts for the children to log into.  If you can't get into yours, please let me know on 

Thursday 18th June 2020.  It's Father's Day on Sunday, so we've included below some simple card ideas for you to try if you wanted to make something special just to say I love you.  Click on the pictures to see a bigger version, or there are a couple of printable colouring in cards above.  There is also some watery yoga for you to try today.

It is a very rainy day today.  This video explains why it rains- another version of the water cycle for you to think about- it might help you with the 'To Do' on  where you need to make a water cycle diagram- write in the four captions first- you could write Sun, Cloud, Rain, Sea, and then draw the pictures in the four boxes.  Has anyone made a water cycle in a bag?  They are lovely as we can see clearly the water turning to vapour as it gets warm in the sun, then collecting as condensation at the top of the bag which represents the clouds, then running down the inside of the bag as rain, before collecting at the bottom as the sea again.  Just use a sharpie to draw your picture on the outside of the bag and tape it to your window.   This interactive counting game looks fun too 

Lets get those bodies moving and the endorphins flowing with some stretchy water themed yoga.

Wednesday 17th June 2020. Here is a short video explaining today's maths challenge, which is all about capacity!

Have a watch of the video and then find 3 jugs/glasses of different shapes/sizes of your own to fill up.

Can you guess which one holds the most liquid?

To check if you are right, get a measuring jug and follow the steps you see in the video.

We can't wait to see your own versions of this fun challenge!

Wednesday 17th June 2020.  Today is Welly Walk Wednesday, and if you do go out for your walk you will definitely need your wellies, after all of the rain last night!  How much rain collected in your rain gauges?  I know that mine was quite full.  I think we are in for more rain this afternoon, so if you haven't got yours made yet, now is definitely the time.  Some people have downloaded the chart too so that they can keep track of the week's weather and see what has been happening each day.  The video below is a good example of fine motor skill development and the use of tools in water play.

Tuesday 16th June 2020  Good morning everyone.  How are we getting on with the rain gauges and the water cycle in a bag?  Today I have included a short video of Mr Maker making bubble pictures.  If we had blue paint and grey paint we could make bubbly clouds and cut them out.  All you need is washing up liquid, water, paint and a straw- and remember to blow, not suck!  There are also some rain number sheets above and don't forget the daily writing task.  Have a lovely day and remember to tell us what you have been up to      

Monday 15th June 2020. Last week I uploaded a video on how to make a rain gauge, but know it didn't go up until Friday afternoon, so I have included it in this week's activities, as well as a chart where you can record the weather, the temperature and the rainfall each day (I ask Alexa what the temperature is as I haven't got a thermometer at home).

This week's story is called the Little Raindrop and is a lovely story about the journey one little raindrop takes as is travels around the water cycle.  I have added the weekly sheets here, and also instructions on how to make your own water cycle in a bag here. Can you draw clouds with numbers in and print off the right number of drops using your fingers?  I have added some number problems for you to work out above.  1, 2, 3


Don't forget to tell us what you have been up to      

Bluebell is our class rabbit. Pupils help care for our rabbit, and we discuss the importance of caring for our pets and our environment. Bluebell enjoys exploring our outdoor play area with the children too. At the moment she is playing out in Ms Hill's garden with Daffodil and Nutmeg 

We have Forest School Friday every week.  Maybe you can do garden forest school on a Friday where you play outside for the whole morning or the whole afternoon, enjoying nature, listening to the world and being mindful.