Hello lovelies! This is a long one - 19 minutes! Grab yourself a cupa & a biscuit. I hope it helps :-) xx


This page has been set up by Mrs Spregg as a place to come and access some wellbeing, some relaxation, some stories and some happiness. 

Hello lovelies, I miss seeing your smiley faces! I thought it might be really nice to share things with you via this page so that we can keep in touch. I'm going to rope my children, Alfie and Olivia in to help me too! Olivia read and recorded a story last night so some of our younger children may like to have a listen. I'm going to have a go at recording some stories too and have just re-ordered some relaxation books (as mine are all in the nurture room!) so that I can read some visualisations to you, they may help you relax and enjoy some quiet time. I also thought it would be lovely to upload the peer massage - bear with me and keep checking this page, maybe you could share it with your brothers, sisters, teddies or grown ups! 

Today, I am feeling very grateful for technology (so that I can keep in touch with you all), having lots of opportunities to learn new things (like adding things to the school website) and sunshine, long may it last! 



Olivia enjoyed reading this story for you all. We hope you enjoy it! Have a lovely weekend everybody.

Parents/Carers - You might find this social story useful to explain about Covid-19. Some of my friends have asked what children need to know about it & so I'm going to record a video later today with some top tips!

Try this before bedtime to help your body and mind feel still, calm and relaxed. Enjoy! 

Good Morning, Wild Bankers

Hope you're all happy and well. I thought i'd share some relaxation with you this morning as I LOVE to incorporate this into my day, it really helps me to feel calm!

Have a think about how you are feeling right now and then have a listen to the clips and notice if your feelings change. 

Today, I am grateful for meditation, learning new things and spending time with Alfie & Olivia!


Having been inspired by Miss Hill and Miss Daniels I decided to have a go at recording 'A chair for baby bear' 

Be kind - Mr Spregg got in trouble for laughing at my attempt! I've told him that you are all much kinder than him and that you all love a story.

Olivia, Alfie and I have been enjoying PE lessons every morning with Joe Wicks. I know some of you have been doing the workouts too, well done! It is so important to stay active and it really helps you feel happier when you get your body moving! My friend Wayne joined in the fun and created his very own Gruffalo workout. Ask your grown ups to head over to his Youtube page - Inspire Sports Coaching and you'll be able to access his family fitness workouts.