Welcome back to the final half-term of primary school. We are so proud of the children this year, are glad to have completed SATS and are looking forward to last several weeks before summer.



We will be focusing heavily on PSHE. We will start by thinking about jobs, the salaries they provide and what is deducted from these. We will then go on to look at financial planning, reasons for buying products and rights and responsibilities when making decisions. Following this, we will be looking at ‘Real Love Rocks’ which looks at different relationships. You will receive a permission slip for your child to participate in this.



Well-being Week

The second week of the half term is well-being week, where we will get to participate in lots of enjoyable and exciting activities. It is really important to make sure that we promote well-being as it is fundamental to our overall health. It enables us to overcome difficulties and achieve what we want out of life. Keep posted for pictures!

Trips and visits

We have lots of trips and visits planned for this half term. Firstly, we are excited for our visit to Eyam where we will immerse ourselves in the incredible story of unselfish villagers, who sealed themselves off from the outside world in the 17th century to prevent the plague from spreading to neighboring communities. We are also excited for our end of year trip to the park, along with our end of key stage trip to Sky High.

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Bugsy Malone

Last, but not least, we will be working hard on our production ‘Bugsy Malone’. Having cast the parts it is now down to the children to learn their lines and produce the performance of the year! There will be two performances on Tuesday the 9th July at 2pm and 6pm.

Please see the links below to practice the songs for the show!