Year 2 - Ms Steele and Ms Rickards

Welcome Back!

This term we will be exploring London!

In English we will be focusing on our story writing. We will be trying to write in more detail and make our writing more interesting to read. To do this we will be adding adjectives and adverbs to our work.

We will be focusing on two main stories this half term. They are ‘The Queen’s Hat’ and ‘Paddington’. They are both stories set in London and they will help us find out more about our amazing capital city.

During Roald Dahl week we will be reading ‘George’s Marvelous Medicine’. Don’t forget to dress up for Raold Dahl Day on Friday 13th September.

We will be reading every day and answering questions about what we have read. This half term we will be focusing on finding answers in the writing.

In Math this half term we will be;

  • partitioning 2 digit numbers (42=40+2)
  • comparing numbers using the symbols < > and =
  • counting in steps of 2, 3 and 5 starting from any numbers
  • addition and subtraction using a number line

 We will also move onto using money and the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

In geography we will be looking at lots of different types of maps. Maps of the world, Great Britain, London and our school.  We will be reading maps and drawing some of our own. We will be learning about the River Thames and the Tube. We will see how they affect life in London. Look at the attached Knowledge Organiser for more detail and what we will be learning.

 In our art work we will be focusing on the work of Monet. He created some beautiful art work of London. We will use his work to inspire some of our own. We will be using paints, pastels and charcoal.

 In computing we will be learning about programming. We will be programming using ScratchJr, a free app you can download at home. We will add character and program them to move around the screen.

Year 2's

Photo Gallery!

As soon as the new year starts we will have some amazing photos to show. Watch this space.


Our homework is set weekly on Friday and is to be returned to school on Monday mornings. You can expect to receive 1 piece of homework every week, Literacy or Maths. Ms Rickards runs a homework club on a Thursday, for children who have not completed their homework, or those who need a little help.

Our reading books should be read as often as possible and brought into school every morning. As little as 5 minutes a night can help your child so much!

 Other Information

PE this term is on Monday and Thursday. Please remember, your PE kit should be in school all week.

Forest school is on a Wednesday morning and children will attend every other week. A full change of clothes will be needed.


Emily is the Ambassador for the week starting 23rd September

Important dates this half term:

11th Sept- Roald Dahl theatre group in school

13th Sept - Roald Dahl dress up day 

25th Sept - Macmillan coffee morning

1st Oct- Harvest assembly

16th Oct- Year 2 class assembly

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Have a look at the website Oxford Owl at home with your child. If you sign up for free, there are hundreds of free ebooks for your child to read which are directly from our school reading scheme.