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Our school is a Community Primary and Nursery school which admits children between the ages of three and eleven years old. We welcome all pupils, irrespective of faiths, cultures, races, disabilities or family backgrounds. Parents who are considering sending their children to our school are welcome to visit. Please telephone for an appointment.

Admission to Nursery

Children are welcomed into the Nursery at three years old. 

  • Children who will be 3 years old by 31st August  to start after September. 
  • Children who will be 3 years old by 31st December  to start after January.

It is important to note that admission to the nursery does not give automatic admission to full time school. If you wish to register your child at our nursery, please contact the school office where the registration process will be explained. 

We currently offer morning nursery places from 8.55 am to 12:00 am. We have adopted the TMBC policy for nursery admissions and a copy of this policy can be viewed here

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Letters regarding nursery places for September 2020 will be posted out first class in May 2020.

Admission to school 

We have one intake of children in Autumn each year and children are usually admitted into Reception Class in the September following their 4th birthday. Prospective parents are very welcome to make an appointment to come and have a look round our school before they choose which school they would like to apply for.

Wild Bank Community School follows Tameside Council's Admission policy and all applications for places in Reception class are dealt with by the Admissions Department at Tameside Council. The school remains neutral in this process.

We recommend reading the 'Starting Out' booklet produced by Tameside Council as this explains the full admissions process and also details the over subscription criteria used to allocate places if we have more applications than places available.

Parents are asked to submit their application online via

The online application will open on November 2020 and close January 2021. 

Once the closing date for applications has passed, the online system will close for 2 weeks to enable all on time applications to be processed. The online system will re-open two weeks after the closing date to accept late applications.  Late applications will only be dealt with after all of those that have been received on time.

Starting for the First Time as a Reception Child

This is a very important event for all the family and we try to make the experience a happy one. Reception children are admitted in the September following their fourth birthday. Children will attend part time for the first two weeks. Staff are available to discuss any issues and are always pleased to see you.

School Transfers

It is generally in your child’s best interest to remain at the same school for the whole of the Key Stage and ideally, the whole of the primary phase.

A decision to move your child from one school to another should not be taken lightly and, in view of the upheaval it is likely to cause, should only be considered as a last resort. We do realise that, in certain circumstances, it may be necessary to transfer your child to another school, for example if you are moving house on a permanent basis and the distance would make it impossible to attend their current school. In these circumstances, however, it is not guaranteed that a place at Wild Bank Community School will be available.

If you are moving into Tameside or you wish to pursue a transfer, forms can be obtained from the school you are wanting to move from or to, the School Admissions Team Tel: 0161 342 3204/4068/3214 or you can download a Primary School Transfer Form below.

Please complete the form fully and send to the address on the form. This cannot be done electronically. 

Parents will receive an offer of a school place through Tameside Council and this can take up to 20 school days.

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 School Transfer Form.pdfDownload
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