Working together we can achieve our best

Aspiration April

  We really wanted to broaden our children's ideas about jobs they may consider in the future. Admittedly, many careers they may consider have not been invented yet! Thank you to all the kind professionals who joined us to inspire our children.  The feedback has been extremely positive and the children were keen to learn about the aspects of their jobs that give them the most pride, what challenges they face and what training they needed to complete. 

Thank you to Kate for leading a yoga session.  

Charlie Jackson inspired the children to complete Maths problems and develop a love of Maths.  They worked collaboratively to solve the challenges. Hopefullysome may consider a job that requires them to thnk carefully and explore different options. 

Thank you to the firebrigade who kindly joined us. The children loved squirting the hose pipes. They learnt all about their life saving equipment and the dangers they face when they rescue people. 

Thank you to Nurse Hollie Fletcher.  Apologies to parents: seeing their injured child all bandaged up at the end of the school day may have been a little worrying.