Forest School 


Year One have been discovering the forest school rules. We especially like ‘don’t pick it, don’t lick it! We are learning to play sticky knees and the fox and the hawk. The children have found mini beasts and created their own trap to catch Anansi the spider.

Year Two have been looking for animal prints and created a sand trap to try and discover what animals live in our forest. We will be creating animal habitats and thinking about which materials are suitable.

Year Three created their own pyramids using attachment knots to hold the materials together. They found a tomb and drew pictures of the artefacts inside. They will be making a shaduf, which farmers used to carry water from the Nile.

Year Four carefully selected materials to make a Celtic Round House. They made the main structure and then added straw and mud to create the walls and roof. They will be designing their own mosaics and making an oil lamp.