Troubleshooting for Free School Meals during lockdown

Q: I haven't received my voucher
A: Check your spam/junk for
Q: I haven't received my vouchers and I've checked my spam/junk.
A: Email help@wildbank
Q: I'm trying to redeem my voucher on but it says error or says the code has been used.
A: Come out of the web page and try again from the beginning - don't refresh the web page while you are waiting. You could be waiting for up to 20 minutes before it asks you to enter your e-code. Be patient!
Q: I've redeemed my e-code on but I haven't received my voucher with the barcode to take to the supermarket.
A: There is a high volume of people nationally accessing this service, if you have not received it within 24 hours email help@wildbank