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Nurture Group

What is the purpose of a Nurture Group?

The Nurture Group is a small class of up to 10 pupils. The children are carefully brought together to ensure a balanced and functional group. The Nurture Group promotes the personal, social and emotional development of the pupils as well as academic activities that relate to classroom topics.

The Nurture Group aims to raise children's emotional wellbeing, self esteem and sense of belonging. We provide a structured routine with clear boundaries so the children feel safe and secure. The Nurture Group is a place of learning.

We follow the six principles of the Nurture Network:

  1. Children's learning is understood developmentally.
  2. The classroom/school offers a safe base.
  3. Nurture is important for the development of self esteem.
  4. Language is understood as a vital means of communication.
  5. All behaviour is communication.
  6. Transitions are significant in the lives of children.

What do our children think about Nurture Group?

"Before nurture group I found it hard to make friends, it helped me to feel happy inside. I feel more confident on the playground now, I play football a lot more. I've got friends now." (KS2 pupil)

"It was good being in nurture group I learned to calm down, I learned I don't need to be angry all the time." (KS2 pupil)

"I feel happy, not just happy its also relaxing because of the relaxation that we do. I feel like I belong in nurture group, I feel listened to." (KS2 pupil)

"I felt really alone and I didn't want to be around people, now I feel calm, safe and listened to. My confidence has grown a lot too I can join in with my friends on the playground now when I want too" (KS2 pupil)

"I come to school on time now and look forward to coming to school." (KS2 pupil)

"I liked the snack and trying different food that I haven't tried before, I'm finding it easier to share how I'm feeling." (KS2 pupil)

"I liked making the play dough and feeling the soft feathers, they helped me calm down." (KS1 pupil)

What our parents think...

"My child has improved so much and in so many ways. We talk more, laugh more and confide in each other more."

"My child comes out of school and happily tells me what he's been doing, he has shown a real improvement in his whole attitude to learning. I think its been amazing!"

"Nurture Group helped my child develop and maintain friendships, she is more willing to try new activities, she is much happier, calmer and more resilient. She loved going to the group it has had a hugely positive impact on her."