Working together we can achieve our best


Wild Bank Community School is currently governed locally by an Interim Executive Committee (IEC).

The IEC is a committee of the Trust Board established to deliver effective governance as part of our Trust’s arrangements to deliver the best possible support to Trust schools.

As the ‘accountable body’ the Trust Board is responsible for the quality of education and has established an IEC to ensure effective oversight of Trust plans to drive rapid improvement focussed on ensuring the best possible outcomes for the children.

The Trustees have approved the operation of the IEC from 1 January 2022, for a period of up to 8 months, with a view to re-establishing a Local Governing Board within this period.

The Trustees have appointed people to serve on the IEC who have the knowledge and skills to support and challenge the local senior leadership team to account for standards and safeguarding at the school.  The governance team combines strong educational and operational expertise alongside community representation, enabling the board to retain a clear line of sight into the performance of the Academy within its community. 

Members of the Interim Executive Committee:

  • Ruth Dolan - Chair and Governance Lead
  • Dean McDonagh - Trustee
  • Bev Allford - School Improvement Lead
  • David Thompstone - Finance Lead
  • Nicky Wise - Operations Lead
  • Jenny Callaghan – Head Teacher
  • Yvonne Goodwin - Parent Governor
  • Celeste Pettifer - Parent Governor
  • Rachael Jackson - Staff Governor
  • Pete Lever - Community Representative
  • Ian Cochrane - Community Representative

The Interim Executive Committee has a range of responsibilities including:

  • supporting good governance of the school
  • safeguarding and promoting the Trust’s values
  • supporting the Head Teacher and being a ‘critical friend’
  • monitoring achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety
  • engaging with the school’s key stakeholders, for example, parents/carers, pupils and staff
  • supporting the re-establishment of an LGB (Local Governing Board) at the earliest opportunity

All Local Governors in the Trust, whether they serve on an IEC or an LGB, work to the same governance partnership arrangements which are set out on the Trust website in:

  • The Trust’s Approach to Governance
  • The Trust Scheme of Delegations for Governance
  • Relevant Board and Committee Terms of Reference
  • Individual governor role remits, including requirements for compliance with national guidance concerning declarations of pecuniary interests and with the Trust’s Governance Code of Conduct.

Please click here to access the Trust website.

To contact the Chair of the Interim Executive Committee, please write to the school at the address, or email address, given below.