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Governance Arrangements - Wild Bank Community School is currently governed locally by an Interim Executive Board (IEB)

The IEB is a committee of the Trust Board established to deliver effective governance as part of our Trust’s arrangements to deliver the best possible support to Trust schools.

As the ‘accountable body’ the Trust Board is responsible for the quality of education and has established an IEB to ensure effective oversight of trust plans to drive rapid improvement focused on ensuring the best possible outcomes for the children.

The Trustees have approved the operation of the IEB from 20th September 2023 for a period of up to three terms with a view to re-establishing a Local Governing Board (LGB) within this period.

The Trustees have appointed people to serve on the IEB who have the knowledge and skills to support and challenge the local senior leadership team to account for standards and safeguarding at the school.  The governance team combines strong educational and operational expertise.


  • Ruth Dolan (Chair and Governance Lead)
  • Nicky Wise (Operations Lead)
  • Janet Postlethwaite (Headteacher, Wild Bank Community School)
  • Clare Latimer (Trust School Improvement Partner)

Community representation, enabling the board to retain a clear line of sight into the performance of the academy within its community will be supported by the IEB reporting and receiving feedback from local community, staff and parent governors on a half termly basis.

The Interim Executive Board has a range of responsibilities including:

  • supporting good governance of the school
  • safeguarding and promoting the Trust’s values
  • supporting the Headteacher and being a ‘critical friend’
  • working with the Headteacher and other Trust Executives to identify and drive strategic priorities to support rapid improvement across a range of agreed KPIs’
  • monitoring achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety
  • engaging with the school’s key stakeholders, for example, parents/carers, pupils and staff
  • supporting the re-establishment of an LGB at the earliest opportunity

All Local Governors in the Trust – whether they serve on an IEB or an LGB work to the same governance partnership arrangements – which are set out on the trust website in:

  • the Trust’s Approach to Governance
  • the Trust Scheme of Delegations for Governance
  • relevant board and committee Terms of Reference
  • individual governor role remits including requirements for compliance with National guidance concerning declarations of pecuniary interests and with the Trust’s Governance Code of Conduct.

To contact the Chair of the Interim Executive Board, please email the school office at

Our Local Governing Board Members

Janet Postlethwaite - Headteacher

Janet became head teacher of Wild Bank Primary School in 2023. She was previously head at Yew Tree primary in Dukinfield. Prior to this Janet taught in Key Stage 2 and mainly taught Year 6 children which she loved. Her experience in school leadership will be valuable to the governing body at Wild Bank. Janet is looking forward to working closely with the LGB. Janet enjoys walking her dogs Dave and Freddie in her free time.

Nicky Wise - Community Governor

As Chief Operations Officer for Victorious Academies Trust, Nicky works with Wild Bank on the Local Governing Board. She is an experienced Project Manager, having worked on the original set up of our Trust, the development of Inspire and Discovery Academies and the conversion and integration of all schools in our Trust. Her work covers all aspects of the operation of schools and at Wild Bank she has particularly supported with the work over the past twelve months on the school environment. Nicky is an experienced governor having Chaired both the Local Governing Boards at Inspire and Discovery Academies and she is delighted to be able to continue to support Wild Bank with the school's continued development.

Richard Green - Parent Governor

Richard joined Wild Bank’s Governing body in 2022. New to the governor role, he looks forward to supporting the school and pushing for the school to go from strength to strength, drawing from previous experience volunteering within scouting and working within healthcare. Richard currently has one child at Wild Bank as well as four older children.

Rachael Jackson - Staff Governor

Rachael has been our staff governor for five years and acts as a liaison between the governors and the school staff. She currently teaches in Year 6; however, she has worked across KS1 and KS2 since starting working at Wild Bank eight years ago. As well as working as part of the Local Governing Board, she is a member of Friends of Wild Bank and feels that providing our pupils and families with enrichment activities is an integral part of her role.

Pete Lever - Community Governor

Pete is a local resident, having moved to Stalybridge in 2015 before joining the Governing Board in 2019. Pete is an experienced HR professional and has conducted investigations into complaints, disciplinary matters, and grievances within the public sector. Pete has previously worked for Ofsted in the Complaints, Investigation and Enforcement team for Early Years and for the Youth Justice Board to implement change in Secure Training Centres, Secure Children’s Home, and Young Offenders Institutes.

Laura Siddall - Parent Governor

Born, educated and living in Stalybridge, Laura passionately believes equality of opportunity starts with education, a high-quality education in a great Stalybridge school will make a fundamental difference to all our children's lives, career prospects and social mobility. Laura is married and has three children, two of Laura’s children are a part of the Wild Bank Family. Laura has been a teacher and department lead, in an Oldham school for 14 years. Laura is keen to work in partnership with other governors and leaders, families and communities at Wild Bank School to ensure the school provides a happy, positive and inspirational learning and professional environment for our young people and staff to thrive, achieve and succeed in.