Working together we can achieve our best

Before and After School Clubs


Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club provides a safe and stimulating environment for your child between the hours of 8.00am and 8.45am.


We offer a toast, cereal, water, milk and a selection of fruits.  Children attending the Breakfast Club also have access to a range of physically and mentally stimulating activities along with a selection of play equipment.  There are social benefits as your child has the opportunity to mix with other children from differing age groups.


Breakfast Club is priced at £2.00 per day and is available as a drop in service.


After School Clubs

At Wild Bank Community School we aim to provide a wide range of After School Clubs and learning activities. The activities we provide offer a variety of experiences that vary each half term. 


The activities that we provide are focused mainly on Sport and the Arts and are intended to enrich the curriculum and develop motivation and self-confidence in all the participants.

The clubs take place for an hour at the end of the day 3.15pm-4.15pm. All activities take place on the school premises.


Parental consent is always sought before allowing children to attend clubs.